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    Interesting... over Piracy


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    Interesting... over Piracy

    Bericht  Bennep op ma dec 15, 2008 9:03 pm

    Nog niet volledig gelezen but I thought I'd share

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    Re: Interesting... over Piracy

    Bericht  Browncoat op di dec 16, 2008 9:37 pm

    i read abit and skimmed most of it.

    My conclusion:

    Without piracy we (the people) would lose ALOT of our cultural inheritance. Old games, old movies and so on would vanish from our lives. Things that in the eyes of the "companies" wouldnt make enough profit. Even now our many subcultures are forced into prostitution in order to survive.
    Piracy isnt about respecting the people making the content, It more about the lack of fairness. 20€ for a cd, 50-80€ for a game that will last 1-2 days after being heavily patched and so on.

    Aslong as profit is the motivation for cultural content, we will lose many great works.

    Additional examples:

    Doom 1, Wolfenstein 3d, quake 1, Final Fantasy 7, Duke nukem 3D, Jagged alliance 2...Old games that rank among the greatest. Nearly none of these are out there to be bought LEGALLY.

    Movies & series:
    Old movies from the 60s-70s before the time of the inet are all but gone cept on the inet, if yer lucky they have digi-fied em. Old series, cartoons and what not, all are gone, cept on the inet. Most get regional dvds mostly north-america that leaves the europeans and the asians bummed out.

    i could go on and on why piracy as we know it on the inet is VITAL to the survival of our cultural heritage. Another reason...during WWII zijn er velen boeken vernietiged geworden, dankzij piracy nu en het Inet zou dergelijke dingen nooit meer het einde kunnen betekene van content.


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