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Ik ben mijn wachtwoord vergeten

    Servus-karel-DM tijs


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    Servus-karel-DM tijs

    Bericht  charles op zo feb 21, 2010 5:08 pm

    dear mother, i met some adventurers today in the inn.
    i have made contact and asked them if i could travel allong side them.
    mis. dru is a hairy woman of sorts. she acts tough but seems quite femine to me.
    Jackson green is quite the weird fellar. he has 4 arms. he might be some magical creature....or a darghan of sorts. i'm curious to how he is.
    i'll make sure that i'll be able to take samples of his blood and whatnot eventuelly.
    bennep is a dwarf. seems rather nice but gives me the suspicious eye.
    Idan is a blind wizard, the way he acts almost seems insulting torwards you mother. i dislike that attitude of masked incompetence. then again he might only be a apprentice.
    and finaly sigmunder.
    he seems to be the alpha of the group, he doesn't also seem to like me very much yet for some reason allows me to company him.
    perhaps he only has a facade of leadership and tries to please his group in many ways. but i might be wrong. it only has been first contact.
    it still was a very good first contact though compared to my other times with humans.

    it may seem that my people skills have improved as you said.
    i feel deep in my soul that i make you proud right now.
    this pleases and eases my soul.

    i miss you mother but don't worry, once i have found that missing essence of my soul, i shall aid my brethren in building fathers body.
    and he can bring you back, and then we can be a full family.
    like it was before. before the war. before your illniss....

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    Re: Servus-karel-DM tijs

    Bericht  charles op zo mei 02, 2010 11:45 am

    i'm currently not liked, nor appreciated much by my current adventurer party.

    lady drusilia dislikes me as apparantly a band of warforged attacked and murderd her family, in a way i feel bad for her but dislike the fact that she, in a way, vents this out on me.
    i assume the only reason why she hasn't been anymore hostile to me is due to the fact she thinks i'm no treath to her.
    this is partly correct. but she knows litle of my mothers and fathers magic that i'm learning and recieving as i learn.

    zannin, and not jackson green is a very strange human, many times i have seen humans have a form of ethnic code. he however just simply lives.
    no rules no boundry's. he teleports through doors and walls. grabs other peoples food for himself and has this strange way of transforming himself very often.
    he however did ask about me. my purpose in this party and why i had a desire to join them.
    i made my story, as their was no reason to be dishonest.
    he awnserd to me in a way i didn't expect it. he like "the architect" told me it was unwise to build a body for you mother. he said your soul would be different, you wouldn't be the same.
    you wouldn't act, think and have the same personality's as you do right now. as you would no longer have your original body and brain.
    but how can that be, i am nothing but a soul in a stone vessel, i'm sure its different, i'm sure father can work a way around that.
    y-yes, i'm sure.

    sigmunder is a strange fellow.
    at one time he is nothing but a ball of rage and another time he seems like a capable person. while at times irrational i assume he can do good things.
    and for some reason he god a haircut and his head was bleeding alot....he told me to ignore it but i do kind of fear for his health now.
    especially if he falls into the water again.

    as for idan....we haven't talked much, exept for the time at the was more appologetic.
    i thought it was required if i wanted to stay in this group longer.
    ALso he isn't blind....he was just temporarily blind.
    funny that.

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    Woonplaats : dustbowl
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    Re: Servus-karel-DM tijs

    Bericht  charles op za mei 08, 2010 4:36 pm

    and on a rescue mission we went.
    i feel like i may have underestimated our survival chances, seeing how easily we were bested last time, we kinda...well...."whooped their asses" as some dwarves would say.

    we retrieved our bellongings and took a few extra's back to the inn.
    and ofcourse we saved bennep.

    though i dislike how sigmunder treats me, i get the feeling he is beginning to like me a bit.

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    Re: Servus-karel-DM tijs

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